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Al Saad is a leading provider of digital technology, predominantly CCTV systems and security solutions, in the UAE. Certified by the Sharjah Police, the company offers a wide-range of innovative products and brands from across the world catering to the needs of residential, commercial and industrial properties in the UAE.

The range of solutions include CCTV solutions, security surveillance system, alarm monitoring, PABX, Time attendance & access controls and smart home controls and SMATV. Beyond the traditional CCTV camera installations, Al Saad also offers testing, commissioning and maintenance services of such systems with IP-based network monitoring for ‘live access’ through virtual networks. This is in addition to HD-SDI, HD-CVI and analogue – based Al products.

Al Saad also provides smart systems to ensure intelligent monitoring, upgradation of current security systems, integrated systems with surveillance, motion sensor and action control. With its quest to provide the best and latest in technology for its consumers, Al Saad brings some of the top brands proven for their high-performance and efficiency from around the globe. We provide cutting-edge technology, custom-made solutions and maintenance services for businesses across various sectors, extending benefits of the latest solutions in this field helping advancement in technology utilization in the existing and upcoming projects.

Client Servicing

At AL SAAD we believe that our staff is our strength and we have a highly committed trained staff comprising of security engineers, technicians, installers and support personnel. We deliver our service through a team of loyal and dedicated staff who fully embrace our open door management structure and our company goals.

The main focus for the company is to provide innovation when designing solutions for our clients. Our clients have always benefited from our unique approach of building a strong relation from the very first call. AL SAAD serves with a flexible and upgraded technique that will provide a return on investment, reduce the total cost of ownership and at the same time, increase your security effectiveness.

Our stream of clients include government agencies, defense, high technology manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, medical centers, universities, hospitals, financial institutions and the refinement, transportation & storage

Vision & Misssion

Our Mission

We encourage to compare our commitment in giving our customers, associates and vendors the best technological comprehensive system solutions and services available today.

Our Vision

To provide each customer with latest technology driven security products and solutions via minimal energy consumption with reliable and aggressive pricing structures

Highlights in Servicing
  • Immediate Order Processing
  • Establish Protocols
  • Best after sales services
  • Complaint redressal within 24hrs
  • Application Consultation
  • Technical Support on any days
  • Reasonable leasing options

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About Us

Al Saad is a leading provider of digital technology, predominantly CCTV systems and security solutions, in the UAE.

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Our Services

  • Security surveillance system installation
  • IP TV, DVB, CATV & SMATV System
  • Dish antenna installation and service
  • Access control System Installation
  • Time attendance systems programming
  • Laptop Service
  • Mobile Phone & LCD, LED Service
  • AMC

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